AFM Health & Safety

Alberta Facility Management, (AFM), is currently working towards our SECOR Certification, as our goal is to provide a safe work environment for our clients, our staff, our contractors, along with our citizens. At AFM, we measure our Health and Safety program against the Alberta Provincial standard listed below.

Alberta Facility Management Health and Safety Policy

Alberta Facility Management is committed to a Health and Safety management system that protects our workers and other workers (i.e. Contractors) who enter our property or work site locations and the general public.

Employees at every level are accountable for the company’s Health and Safety performance. Active participation by everyone, every day in every job is necessary for the Health and Safety excellence that Alberta Facility Management expects. Our goal is a healthy, injury free workplace for all workers.  By working together, we can achieve this goal.

Management and Supervisors will:

  • • Set an example and provide leadership in the health and safety system
  • • Develop and maintain health and safety policies and procedures
  • • Provide proper equipment and training for all workers
  • • Identify hazards and implement appropriate control measures
  • • Create an environment that promotes active employee participation in health and safety
  • • Comply with OHS Act, Regulation, and Code and any site policies, procedures, and code of practice.

Workers will:

  • • Follow all safe work procedures
  • • Ensure their co-workers are appropriately protecting and working safely
  • • Assist in the identification of hazards
  • • Co-operate with Alberta Facility Management in working towards improved health and safety at work
  • • Comply with the OHS Act, regulation, and Code and any site policies, procedures and codes of practice.

Contractors will:

  • • Comply with the OHS Act, Regulation and Code and site policies
  • • Assist in the identification of hazards
  • • Participate in health and safety initiatives.

Workers at every level must be familiar with the requirements of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation as it relates to their work.